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Online Presence,

Organic and Paid Lead Generation, 

Sales Funnels,

Email Marketing Campaigns and

CRM with a pinch of personalised automation to generate you more income.

How Can You Leverage Our Expertise?

Build and Optimise Your Sales Funnels

Win before you start your paid ads. 

(Increased annual revenue from $100,000 to $800,000

for LKR Social Media.)

Build Engaging Audience With Email Campaigns

Emails are still a thing. Even better, they can make you more money.

(Grew list of leads from 2,000 to 85,000 for LKR Social Media)

Grow Your Audience on Your Social Media Platforms 

Generating Leads on Social Media is a hard-earned money. 

Contests and Swag Management 

(Contest received 10X the expected entries for Math Plus Academy.)

(Grew list of leads from 2,000 to 85,000 for LKR Social Media)

Online Marketing Strategy With Gap Analysis

Online Marketing Strategy With Gap Analysis

(Grew sales from $1M to $1.7M for DC Mosquito Squad)

Create Your Ideal Client Persona / Avatar

Get to the point and well-targeted messages based on not just demographics but psychographics too.

Build Your Email Campaigns 

Make Your Sales Funnels Convert More 

(Grew revenue by 3x, Increased lead capture by 308%

for Iron Tribe Fitness.

Generate Organic and Paid Social Media Leads

Because it's never enough of leads...

(Grew list of leads from 2,000 to 85,000 for LKR Social Media.)

Referral Campaigns 

Tap into an extra stream of income by using word of mouth marketing. (Increased referrals from 28% to 60% for Burleson Orthodontics.)

B2B Lead Generation

We don't stop at B2C lead generation and list growth.

(Seller is linked with Several industrial solar park investors within 2 weeks.)

Social Media Management

SEO optimised keyword research, #hashtagresearch, influencer research, content, growing and engagement.

Never lift a finger

Because time is better spent not wrestling with Marketing Automation and CRM

A bug controlled system

Because broken campaigns, links and automation mean lost customers

Reliable Team

Because scaling a business

requires a reliable partner

Proven Results

The Challenge:
Yvonne’s biggest challenge was consistency in communication with guests before they arrived. Her goal was a guest experience that created not just satisfied customers, but raving fans. Fans who would share their experience, return multiple times AND refer friends and family. 

The Solution:

To capture leads for new business, Yvonne created a landing page where visitors enter their email addresses to receive a free downloadable e-book. 

Utilising contact management (CRM) and marketing automation, she began segmenting her contact lists and creating a series of tailored messages for each segment.

The Results:

  • Doubled revenue, 
  • Grew leads by 450% 
  • Tripled customers and Reduced workload by 25% ​​​

Yvonne Halling / Founder

Les Molyneaux B&B

Laura Roeder / Founder

LKR Social Media

The Challenge:
Laura had separate systems for email marketing, contact management and for online sales. They didn't integrate well with each other—which was slowing her business down.

She couldn’t separate old customers from new ones, or tag them into a specific list and send updated promotions. Customer behaviour wasn't tracked, so there were a lot of manual steps.

The Solution:

She needed a well set up and integrated system. The right fit software could help her to keep an accurate and segmented customer list. Also reduced the time she spent on manual tasks. 

An all-in-one sales and marketing automation could open the doors to scalable growth.

The Results:

  • Increased annual revenue from £100,000 to £800,000.
  • Grew list of leads from 2,000 to 85,000. 
  • Grew customer base from 200 to 6,000. 
  • Has the freedom to set her own schedule. 

How Can You Leverage our CRM Expertise in Your Marketing and Sales Strategy?

Bring Your Offline Businesses Online

Improve Your Ability to Cross-sell, Up-sell or Down-sell

(Grew lifetime customer value from $90 to $375 for Hear and Play; 
Up-sell campaign generated $100k for Presidential Pools and Spas)

Improve Your Data - who, when, what, how much, client lifetime value - leads to better business decisions

(Doubled revenue for Les Molyneaux bed and breakfast)

Optimise Your Marketing

(Lead close rate increased 2-3x for Presidential Pools and Spas)

Improve Your Efficiency in Serving Clients

(Time spent on billing dropped by 85% for Math Plus Academy)

Increase Your Revenue and Profitability

(Increased repeat sales by 80% for Hear and Play)

Saving You Costs

(Reduced time spent working by 60% for Hear and Play)

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction, Retention and Revenue

(Increased customer retention rate to 96% for Iron Tribe Fitness)

Increased Your Social Media Followings and Engagement

(Grew to 3000+ social followers for Dizzy Ducks Nursery)

Add a Personal Touch to Better Client Relationships

Why Choose Us?

Our team of skilled CRM Experts, Marketing Automation Specialists, High Conversion Funnel Architects, Social Media Managers and Project Managers all work together toward a common goal – to empower Your Business to increase Your ROI.

We aim to understand your business and your customers so that we become like an extension of your team.

The High Converting Funnels Team process will never be one-size-fits-all.

We customise our services to meet your needs to achieve your business goals.

You have 100% money back guarantee in case of non-delivery, which has never ever happened to us.

We make sure you are never left alone in the middle of the processes. We understand our work is sensitive and confidential and also, it has to deliver you results. You can count on us!



You get a free Discovery call with us, where we find out if we are the right fit to each other. 


You will receive an email about our suggestions and additional questions if more information is needed, if we both agree to go ahead.


When we have the information, you will receive our proposal, and we welcome you on board after the initial payment. 


You have an onboarding call with us and we plan your strategy. 


When you are happy with the strategy we implement the actual work. Depending on the type of work we test it, monitor it and optimise it. 


You get the results. We start again from refining your strategy. 

Book Your Free 15-minute Discovery Call NOW!

Lenard - CRM developer

Lenard Foldesi / CRM Expert, Owner

High-Converting Funnels

Fun Facts about Lenard

Lenard is passionate about martial arts, especially about Aikido. You can feel its spirit in his everyday actions, as he is in true balance in his life.

He loves coffee culture and always ready to taste some new brews or to join a barista course.

About Lenard

Lenard is your technical expert. He helps businesses to generate more income and create a personalised customer experience.

He has a wide range of experience in working with many industries for more than 10 years. Most of them are FinTech, Financial and Insurance Companies. Also, he built systems for healthcare providers, sports clubs and network marketing companies and different SME businesses.

If you are striving to get your Sales Funnels, CRM and Marketing Campaigns to the point and work for you and your clients, enjoy the reliability of Lenard's expertise.

Lenard is a proficient C#, JavaScript developer with a wide range of experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infusionsoft / Keap, ActiveCampaign and Clickfunnels consultation and development.

He is passionate about helping business owners reaching their goals.

His superpower is thinking in systems and wiring your platforms and campaigns in a way it best serves your business goals.

About Kitty

Kitty will be your main contact. 
She has an experience in working with Fortune 100 CEOs and CFOs.

The range of industries she has worked with are extremely wide; from banks to mining companies, from pharmaceutical companies to car manufacturers, from restaurant chains to construction companies, from retailers to consulting companies and more.

She is passionate about business success because she knows behind every business there are families and individuals. When a business supports its clients and customers, they will have a better lifestyle. When a business thrives it creates financial freedom to its owners and investors and creates a safe stream of income to its employees.

A good business is a win for everyone in the equation.

That's what makes her passionate about helping businesses to make more sales, get more leads and become more visible.

Kitty - CRM, Sales Funnel, Campaign Specialist


Kitty Kalman / Sales & Marketing Strategist, Owner

High-Converting Funnels

Fun facts about Kitty.

Kitty used to play rugby in a male team and became their captain. She loves painting and making art. She loves travelling and discovering other cultures.




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