Marketing Automation and CRM Savings Calculator

This Marketing Automation and CRM Savings Calculator will help you to identify how much time and money you can save on repetitive tasks with automation.

How to use this calculator?

All you have to do is:

  1. Add the hourly rate of the person who does the repetitive task
  2. Add the actual time spent on the repetitive task in one occasion
  3. Add how often that task is completed per day
  4. Add how many days a week that task is completed
  5. And how many weeks per year this team member works

You will get the numbers of how much money you can save by automating
15 minutes,
30 minutes and
1 hour out of the complete process that it takes to get the actual task done.

And that's how much you can SAVE with a CRM.

Of course, you will see the exact amount of time and expenses it cost you to complete this task in a month or in a year.

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